Stop Moaning About The Tube

Published on 18 November 2002 in

Londoners don’t appreciate the Tube enough. Discuss.

Almost sounds like an exam question, but its a fair assessment.

Not that it doesn’t have flaws (it took me 75 minutes to do a 25 minute journey this morning, and as for last night… Ugh, don’t ask) as it does, but the way some people act, its as if it never works.

Every time a driver informs passengers that the train they are on will be delayed, there is a loud sigh, tutting and rolling of the eyes from half of the carriage.

The problem could be a bomb threat, a broken down train, an ill passenger, a signal failure or because there is a fire – the response is the same.

Yeah, it’s all being done just to spite you.

It’s as if half the carriage believes London Underground is doing it delibrately, just to annoy them.

I once listened as a train driver told us he had to empty a train. The reaction from the passengers was vocal and abusive. The problem with the train? A safety feature which helps to prevent crashes was defective and rather than run the risk, it was withdrawn from service.

Obviously the winging customers would have preferred to have had the risk of having a crash than being a whole two minutes late cos they had to wait for another train.

The tube blatantly isn’t perfect. It is antique, run down and cash starved. After years of underinvestment, its a bit of a mess, but it gets people around.

It’s Amazing!

But is the tube crap? If you have ever tried to travel anywhere else in Britain by public transport, it is blatantly not.

The trouble is, most of the wingers probably have never tried to travel anywhere without a car. All I can say to those people who roll their eyes is, try traveling in Cornwall. Try getting around Greater Manchester on bus, train and tram for £4.40. Try it. Then you’ll have something to moan about.