Boxing Steady

Published on 12 December 2002 in ,

I’ve still not got the letter. The letter from ITV Digital telling me ‘Oi! Give us da box or no one gets hurt!’ hasn’t arrived. No doubt it’s been sent out second class.

However an article, buried away on Media Guardian Online this morning, made interesting reading.

The suggestion is that former pre-pay customers who have lost over £40 won’t be chased particularly hard for the box. To quote a quote on Media Guardian:

"She [the Grant Thornton executive] also said former customers were unlikely to be credit black-listed and, as a pre-pay customer owed money, ‘for us to come and take your box would result in you telling us where to go’."

The article also suggests that pre-pay customers will be the last to receive their letters, which presumably explains why my door mat has laid bare so far.

Not that I have a doormat.

Well this is getting interesting, isn’t it?

As anyone who read my original article will know, my gripe is not that they are planning on collecting the boxes, but that I’ve already lost out cash wise, so to take back my box just adds salt in the wound.

If I had been paying monthly, I would have given my box back. Begrudgingly. Mainly as I’d rather not pay £100 for a new box just yet if I can get away with it.

However as a pre-pay customer, it’s more annoying. Not only would I have to go out and spend that £100 still, but it would actually cost me £160 thanks to ITV Digital not fullfilling their side of the bargain. Thanks to the wonderful process of liquidation, it’s highly unlikely that that cash will ever be returned to me.

At the minute nothing has been confirmed by liquidators Grant Thornton, nor have I received any communication from them. But I watch with baited breath, to see what happens next.

Legal Technicalities

One of the other interesting things about ITV Digital’s demise is that as a pre-pay customer, my contract with them apparently says I should have had 30 days notice and a refund should ITV Digital decide to not to give me the 12 months of TV I payed for.

Sadly I don’t have a copy of the contract any more (knackers!) but I have heard it from a very reliable source. This is interesting because when ITV Digital closed down, the two things I didn’t get were 30 days notice nor a refund.

So the contract which says that I must give my box back, has actually already been broken by ITV Digital! Sounds a bit legally dubious to me…

I’m hoping to get hold of a copy of the contract, just in case there is some bizarre clause that lets them off, but I’m planning on using it as a bargaining tool anyway.

He who lives by the contract, dies by the contract! Well when they actually bother to cite the contract that is…