The Mysterious Missing BBC Three On Screen Logo

Published on 31 March 2003 in , ,

BBC Three was operating without it’s normal onscreen logo last weekend although it returned today.

According to one report on a mailing list I’m on, one reliable correspondent said that he’d phoned up the BBC and told that the missing logo was an experiment.

What kind of experiment, who knows? Maybe it’s some kind of pyschological experiment by BBC Three with the minds of the anti-DOG community, or some other sinister project by the subversive people that are the BBC Three management! Well they did a good job in implanting those images of the blobs in my mind, that I cannot deny. They are after all so cool.

Whatever the case, I write this having just started reading No Logo by Naomi Klein. Spooky coincidence or what?

Well actually I only started reading it this morning, and BBC Three was DOGless before that, so it might have something more to do with the Campaign for Logofree TV Apparently having a meeting with BBC people than me starting to read a new book on the tube, but I can dream that my reading does have some influence on the world.