Pointless JavaScript and a Search Box.

Published on 13 April 2003 in , ,

I’m not a fan of pointless JavaScript on pages, which is why you won’t find huge amounts of wizzy effects on this site, but sometimes you just get that urge to do some completely pointless client side scripting.

So that’s what I did yesterday morning when I wrote a small script which, when you use the email form, slightly changes the background of the email boxes if you’re typing in them. If you then delete your text and move onto another box, it changes back to it’s original colour (a very light grey), but if you keep text in there, it stays the new colour (white).

Not only is this completely pointless as no one will ever notice it, it’s completely pointless as in the entire time I’ve had this site, I’ve had a whole one email through the email form!

Still sometimes you just have to do things, and to make it less pointless, I decided to finally get round to adding the search code to the site, and added the JavaScript to that as well! Well why not kill two birds with one stone?

The search is powered by Atomz – they do free searches for small sites under 500 pages, and they have a rather good system in place which is why I use it on a few sites.

Unfortunatly it does only re-index the site once a week, so newer pages may take a while to propogate through to the search system, but it’s better than nothing.

And if it gives me more chances to use my pointless JavaScript, so be it!