The Wierdness of New Offices

Published on 23 April 2003 in , , ,

A few years ago I remember reading about the Independent Newspaper when it was still owned by the Mirror Group. Former employees spoke of the ever decreasing amount of floor space of their office that was occupied as more and more staff were let go. Half the floor of the Canary Wharf based tower, was a ghost town.

It reminds me of my new desk at work, although that’s empty as we’re moving into the space, rather than loads of people moving out.

The offices themselves were formally occupied by disgraced accountancy firm Arthur Anderson, but they’ve been given a lick of paint and a little reorganisation. Some of the stuff left behind is sheer luxury – you should see the toilets!

Still currently it’s a little wierd.

I was one of the first wave of people to move onto our floor and to be honest, it’s a little wierd. There are two of us sat at one end of the room, with an empty void of space between us and the next desks.

A view of the office.

The view of the office from near my desk – mine is the one on the left.

The space is rather nice, ableit temporary. More desks will be filling the void in the not to distant future as they get moved in from different locations.

A second view of the office.

Another view, complete with a slightly wonky looking iMac. Don’t worry, it’s just the picture. We use it for testing you know.

Still the enormous sense of space is nice whilst it lasts, even if it does make me think of office downsizing!