More tales of Freeserve’s dire webmail

Published on 12 May 2003 in , ,

So I sent a response to Freeserve when they asked me for more details about my webmail problem. I sent it in April. Early April.

It was a polite, but to the point email, telling them as much information as they could ever need to know. Amazingly I resisted the temptation to be rude or sarcastic.

I saved that for Sunday when I finally got fed up of waiting for them to reply.

Perhaps it was my sarcasm that lead to me getting exactly the same email that they sent me the first time.

Cue bang head on table…

Of course I’m not using Freeserve’s Webmail. Haven’t done for ages. I gave up using it very quickly as it’s an unusable piece of rubbish that is so appalling it should be ridiculed across the globe. And their webmail support team aren’t much better. But then I doubt they have any more than a ticklist with ‘appropiate answers’ given for each solution…

So if I don’t use it and don’t care about using it, why put myself through their support trauma? Well I’m just want them to either fix the thing, or admit their own incompetence ! Both of which might be like getting blood out of a stone.

Of course I knew they were likely to be a bunch of muppets when I signed up. The only reason I went with Freeserve was purely because of their £6.99 unlimited access for the first three months offer. Well it was a bargain. And emphasis on the word was. I’m now up to the normal price. Which gives me a good incentive to start shopping around for a new ISP.