Passport Stamping (or lack of, anyway).

Published on 16 May 2003 in , , ,

My passport photo reminds me of a long gone time. The days when I used to be thinner.

I say thinner as I’ve never been particularly slim, but recent years have paid their tole – most noticably living by myself for a year (1999-2000) which seemed to be nothing more than an excuse to eat lots of cake.

Anyway, back to the passport. For the passport, with it’s incredibly dodgy photo of a slimmer me from 1994, is looking a bit desolate.

In it’s time my passport has got me to some exotic places. They’re all called France. But they’re exotic.

It also runs out next May, so the passport is getting an exciting trip abroad. It’s going to Russia.

My little sister lives in St. Petersburg, for reasons best known to her, and it is her that my passport and I will be visiting this summer (Catherine’s coming too, but her passport doesn’t expire until 2007 so it’s not important).

The sad thing about visiting her will be the lack of stamps in my passort. Despite little sis living in foreign climes, going out to visit her will not result in a single stamp on the 24 empty pages on my passport. Instead we have to get a visa that’s passport sized, but no stamps in the old passports!

Well what’s the point? You might as well stay in Britain!