Oddest Email of the Year Award

Published on 4 June 2003 in , ,

And the winner of the oddest email of the year has to go to Freeserve’s webmail support team, who on being told I wasn’t going to send them my password, sent me a rather odd email in reply:

"The possible cause could be your Mailbox Limit has been reached .

"This means that you have exceeded your maximum storage limit and need

to empty your trash folder.

"Once logged into FS Mail click on the Folders tab and then click on the

trashcan icon adjacent to your trash folder.

"This will empty all deleted mail from the trashcan.

In all the correspondence I’ve had with them, it has to be said, that this is the most random. And on the day I finally restarted using Pine to check my mail whilst away from home too.

Still it just goes to prove that Freeserve’s webmail support team obviously aren’t robots.

Robots would have sent a the right email…

(Just in case anyone is wondering, a quick check on my Freeserve webmail did reveal that my mailbox limit was nowhere near being reached…)