I want my Doc Martens!

Published on 15 June 2003 in ,

Every year or so I buy a new pair of Dr Marten’s boots. I find them to be by far the most comfortable footwear I can find.

After buying them I proceed to wear them near constantly until they’re completely dead then I buy another pair.

It was recently time for the annual purchase, but actually finding some seemed to be rather hard.

Of course I could have got some from Camden – it’s that kind of place. But last year I went and found it impossible to find a pair of size 10s in the style I wanted in the whole town so I was reluctant to try that one again.

The other good place was the Dr Marten’s store in Covent Garden. The one that closed down a few months ago. Hmm.

Despite the well known brand, DMs are quite difficult to find in central London – well assuming you don’t want the standard pair that everyone has. So I tried Shelly’s at Oxford Circus, the third floor of which was filled with big boots of all varieties including loads of DMs.

That’ll be the 3rd floor which is now blocked off and closed – despite being advertised all over the first floor. Indeed DMs were mentioned all over the place in that branch and not one pair did I see at all.

Never fear. There are two branches of Shelly’s in the (once but not that great today) ultra hip Carnaby Street area. One larger one and one smaller one that looks like it hasn’t been refurbished since it opened in the 1960s.

Or at least there were. The store on Carnaby Street has closed, whitewashed windows et all. The smaller one, just tucked on a side street has either closed too, or been cunningly disguised to ensure I couldn’t find it. Incidentally the Shelly’s website claims both branches are still in extistance so it must be true.

ARGH! I need boots! What am I going to do? This is not how one of our great shoe icons should be treated at all. Something so comfy as DMs should be available everywhere.

Thankfully Carnaby Street does still hold the answer in the form of a shop called Koko that had a whole wall full of them. Phew. Problem solved for this year. And I got a free wallet!

Now if I go back next year and find Koko closed, I’ll be very upset…