St. Petersburg.

Published on 29 June 2003 in , , ,

If anyone is wondering why it has been rather quiet here of late, it is for I have been visiting my sister in St Petersburg, Russia.

Whilst there I kept a rather huge journal (which I still haven’t finished as yet, I must confess) and I hope to (at some point) put it online in a new seperate Travel-blog section of BodsCentral, once I have typed it up.

It has to be said though that it’s a land of great contrast – one one side are the huge ornate palaces and buildings of tsarist times, and gold topped churches and grand cathedrals. All the trappings that make great tourist attractions and show the complete extravangances of Russia.

On the other, a great deal of poverty and substandard housing, beggars and others doing whatever they can to make ends meet. A city where water can’t be drunk straight from the tap, and where used toilet roll is put in bins as the drains get blocked easily.

Look out for the first bits of the new ‘Travel’ section soon, where I’ll go into even more detail! So much detail you’ll probably get fed up of it, but a place which one entry in here cannot do justice.