Minor Changes to Bods Central.

Published on 6 July 2003 in ,

There have been a couple of changes to Bods Central this weekend.

Changes to Rant ‘n’ Rave.

Rant ‘n’ Rave was initially set up with the expectation of having at most six articles a month and until February 2003, this was still true. However since then, there have been a lot more articles, and as such some structural changes have been required to fit more in.

Firstly the URLs for the individual articles have slightly changed – redirects will take you to the new locations though if you have any bookmarks or have linked to an article. I’ve done this so that I can now publish more than one article a day – the way everything was set up before didn’t allow this.

Secondly, the front page has been redone to show all entries from the last day of publication – if there is one, one will be shown. If there were two, well you can work it out.

Thirdly the date based archives have moved location. This is so that they can be removed from the search results (when I get round to reconfiguring the search engine anyway.) Anyone visiting the old page will be redirected.

Fourthly, the ‘View Articles by Month’ in the navigation will now only show the months from the current year, with a single link for articles from 2002. This is actually a temporary measure until I work out a better way of displaying the month-based archives.

Changes to the rest of Bods Central.

There have been a few changes to the global navigation, which sees the list of articles by myself move into their own section called, amazingly, Articles. Everything else in ‘About Me’ remains as is.

Old pages in the articles section will redirect you to their new home.