Mac IE5 problems fixed.

Published on 9 July 2003 in , ,

Some time ago, I mentioned how a browser bug was screwing up the site design.

That was January, and finally after seven months, I’ve solved the problem.

In short terms, it was applying a width of 24% to the right hand navigation which it wasn’t supposed to. Why it was remained a mystery, until I stumbled across the cure today.

For those with some CSS/HTML knowledge, the right navigation has two DIV tags round it. The outer one was redundant and didn’t do anything. The inner one told the browser to display the right navigation, with a width of 24%. Unfortunatly everything below was also becoming 24%. 24% of 24% isn’t a lot and it screwed up the design.

By moving the width to the outer (redundant) DIV it all sorted itself out. Or something.

Either way, all five people using IE5 on a Mac will now see the site almost as I intended. Which I’m sure they’re glad of. Honest.