The End of Job Void

Published on 24 July 2003 in ,

Having only had two permanent jobs in my entire life (the rest has been temporary or freelance work), the first ending in 1996 and the second being this one, I’d forgotten about that strange period of time as you begin to wind down in your current role and prepare yourself for the new one. Although I’ve got a few weeks left in my current role, it is a time of handing things over to others.

It’s a strange period of time, as you begin to start saying goodbye to old friends – although in this case not the people I work with, as my new job in the same building, but the systems and services I’ve lovingly (or begrudgingly – take your pick) built and maintained over the years.

So bye bye message board templates – I’ll miss the fights we had when times were bad, and the joy we shared when things went well.

Adios Kitsite CMS – you were interesting, being as you were, a GUI system being used by a dedicated hand coder. Still you did produce pretty good HTML.

And so long chat production tool – you were… well… err… someone I once met…

Amidst all this sobbing, wailing and perhaps cheering, the fact that I’d got the job was formally announced yesterday after I’d gone home, which meant that everyone who had managed to bypass the incredibly efficent Bush House rumour mill, has been sending me very nice emails of congratulation.

Being rather self-deprecating by nature, all these nice comments tend to make me rather embarresed and coy, but it’s nice to recieve non-the-less!