Carrier Bag Madness

Published on 11 August 2003 in , ,

Regular readers (all two of you) may remember the amazingly small Sainsbury’s carrier bag which was so small you could fit very little in it.

Tonight in Sainsbury’s South Ealing, it was the opposite end of the spectrum. An incredibly large carrier bag, almost as big as my orange re-usable one. Unfortunatly whilst this held a respectable amount, the handles were awful for carrying it all home.

Photographs won’t cut the mustard on this one dudes, so I rushed out to get the tape measure. All carrier bags were mesured flat and folded. The width of the bag was based on the width of the very bottom of the bag, and the height didn’t include the handles. The depth of each is difficult to measure, but increased for each bag.

The small carrier bag previously mentioned was a tiny 28cm by 38cm.

A normal sized bag (actually a Waitrose one but it’s roughly the same size_) came in at 31cm by 40cm.

The mega-whopper bag from today weighed in at 35cm by 49cm.

As you can see, a huge difference. Incidentally the size of the 10p re-usable bag came in at 44cm by 45cm.

So what does all this tell us about South Ealing’s Sainsbury’s? Well… Either…

  1. someone from Sainsbury’s reads these hallowed pages and has heard my complaint (unlikely as the store still has plenty of the tiny carriers on some tills).
  2. someone at Sainsbury’s South Ealing is amazingly bad at ordering the correct sized carrier bags.
  3. I’m just an incredibly sad anarok who hasn’t got anything better to do.

I’ll leave which it is in your hands…