A Day Of Lasts

Published on 14 August 2003 in , , , ,

It’s a day of lasts. Well two.

I bought my very last young persons railcard today. For one more year only will I get a third off rail fares, after 10am, subject to minimum fare.

It was also my last day as a Client Side Developer in the BBC, a job I’ve had since 31 January 2000 (although I was called a HTML Coder then!)

They say that one of the things that people use to define themselves, is their job. Until today I’ve been firmly a techie. Oil and grease and whatnot. But no more. From Monday I move to be an Assistant Development Producer with the BBC’s interactive team. No more mad HTML hacks, or insane JavaScript for me.

It’s the end of an era. However I have this feeling that I’ll be getting HTML-withdrawl symptons. Expect tinkering aplenty therefore with this site! I think the code junkie will be needing his fix…