Clueless Quote of the Day

Published on 26 August 2003 in , ,

From the Tory party’s culture spokesman, John Whittingdale, on the Media Guardian Online.

"The BBC site is fantastic but that’s because it’s had a lot of money thrown at it."

Well who would have thought it? If you put enough money into things, they can be brilliant. I bet there are many company bosses who are kicking themselves for not working that one out.

Now maybe if he (and every other politician) came to the same conclusion about other public services, we’d have a wonderful health service…

Incidentally the article is about how he’d like to close down the same web operations that he’s just described as fantastic… Perhaps then if the Conservatives come to power, we shouldn’t let them give the NHS more cash. After all, if they make it too good, then they’d have to close it down.