Fullers London Porter

Published on 27 September 2003 in , ,

Fullers are doing something interesting this year. Instead of having a seasonal ale for Autumn, they’re running three different beers for a month each.

September is Honey Dew, October is London Porter and late October, early November is 1845. The latter two are not normally available in cask form in the UK, only in bottles.

Being a bit naughty, The Red Lion has had London Porter on since last weekend, despite it not supposed to be available until Monday.

If you’ve never had a proper porter, they make Guinness taste like water. London Porter is divine – rich blast of coffee with chocolatey undertones, with a lovely mocha coloured head. All that and with a smooth taste. It tastes even better off the handpull that it does from the bottle – although take my advice – don’t make it your first pint of the evening (a leader of a pint of London Pride works wonderfully).

Apparently Fullers were quite nervous about putting on 1845 and London Porter. Having tasted the stuff, it’s hard to see why, and judging by the number of black filled pint glasses in the Red Lion recently, I’m not the only one who is making the most of this rare oppertunity.

Take my advice – if your local is listed on the list of stockists on the Fullers website, get over there and try something special before it runs out!