Can I moan about Freeserve any more?

Published on 2 October 2003 in ,

Well the title says it all.

My subscription to Freeserve Anytime account was paid up until (I was told on the phone) 7th October. I wrote to cancel it and received a letter back telling me that my account Anytime account would expire on the 7th October.

Today my account was de-activited.

Have I mysteriously lost all concept of time? Is Freeserve on some bizarre calendar that I don’t know about? Is today the 7th October? And here was me thinking it was October 2nd…

After being on hold whilst their customer service team played me diabolical music for five minutes, I gave up. Writing polite but stern letters seems to work instead, so a written demand for £2.33 should do it (in case you’re wondering, I paid £13.99 for a months access – 30 days hath September. That’s 46p a day, and they’ve cancelled with five days to spare, hence £2.33) along with a polite reminder that when you pay for things, you expect to get them else it’s breach of contract.

Yes I could stay on hold listening to their ‘music’ but it’s a national rate phone line and the call would probably cost more than the refund…

I await with baited breath for the final instalment of Freeserve’s cruminess. When I’ve got round to writing the letter anyway.