The Measure of Success

Published on 9 October 2003 in ,

I don’t often blog things mentioned on other blogs – you get like this cyclical blog linking thing where everyone in the entire universe blogs the same link. And it’s never one of mine.

For this occasions I’ll make an exception. Paul Hammond (former colleague and boss type person) recently blogged about the accurate measure of the quality of a site.

Apparently links to content and traffic have nothing in relation to each other (that’s very profound for Paul which is why I’m glad he didn’t come up with the theory).

Paul then asks what other metrics would be useful in measuring the quality of a website "especially to someone who writes only for themselves".

Well it’s obvious isn’t it! In this case the best metric is how often you read your own content!

And because it’s just you you’re measuring, you can get all sorts of interesting statistical user information as well that is normally a bit harder to get – what web browser you use, what operating system you use, how often you view your own site, and the normally difficult-to-measure, but very interesting ‘how much content of your own that you actually read all the way through’.

Although this begs the question – do you purposely read your own site more in order to boost your success!