Post Strike

Published on 29 October 2003 in , , ,

It’s been getting on for a week since the postman visited the front door of Bods Towers, thanks to a raft of unofficial strikes that have hit London.

Thankfully there is nothing of mine that I’m urgently waiting for, although I simply can’t wait for the hordes of cursed credit card applications that the scumbags at Morgan Stanley and Barclycard seem to send through on a weekly basis (I have taken to returning all the bumpf in their prepayed envelopes, with sarcastic messages scrawled over them). However I am waiting for my new Oystercard, a book and some information from my bank…

Thankfully it seems Royal Mail are on the case for sorking out the mess caused by these illegal strikes. A Royal Mail spokesman told BBC News…

"We would ask customers to avoid posting anything if at all possible."

I’ll remember that when it comes to Christmas card season.