Visit The Dentist Regularly

Published on 30 October 2003 in , , , ,

A broken filling meant I really had to go to the dentist again. It’s been some time since I last went (well four years actually) and the results weren’t good.

I know, I know. I should have gone to the dentist earlier, but finding an NHS dentist is pretty difficult in London, and I don’t like going private on the principles of it – plus it would cost more. I’ll pay for white fillings privately (as you can’t get them on the NHS) but that’s my kind of moralistic limit.

Unfortunatly thanks to my delay, I now need around 8 more fillings (which is to be fair, double the amount I already have) and have the threat of root canal surgery on one of them because I left it so long.

There’s a moral somewhere…

Still in good news, today I found that a bank account had £3,000 more in it than I thought it did. Some of which will no doubt go on paying for the white fillings…