The Lift Game

Published on 13 November 2003 in ,

Top game to play – I guarantee this will be a laugh.

All you need is a lift – any lift will do, although beginners may prefer to start off on a smooth lift which doesn’t usually jolt when it arrives at a floor.

So how do you play? Well get in the lift and press a floor number, going down. For best results, pick a really long journey. Then as the door closes, move so that you’re standing in the middle of the lift, and stand on one leg. See if you can last the full journey without needing to steady yourself!

It’s great fun, but beware – always ensure you can reach a propping point – just in case!

Best avoided when in a lift full of people you don’t know. Best played when there’s lot of your mates in the lift with you and you’ve had a pint or two (so no playing when bladdered!)

Please note: I, Andrew Bowden, take no responsibility for injuries caused by playing this quite frankly silly and potentially dangerous game. Lifts can go down as well as up. Standing on one leg can often result in a fall.