The Swirling Mists of Time

Published on 4 December 2003 in , , ,

It was roundabout this time in 1996 that I started work on my first website for a college society. It was built using Netscape 3 Composer of all things – it being installed on the University of Durham’s IT network and me not knowing any HTML, it was what I used.

That site was quickly followed by Planet Bods (or as it was originally known, The Amazing Website of Andrew Bowden or some equally crappy name) in the spring of 1997.

Planet Bods still remains, much grown, much more mature. It helped spawn the Tyne Tees Logo Page, now a site of its own. Initially it was a personal “about me”/”what I’m interested in – the former of which gently morphed into BodsCentral in the summer 2002.

Slightly more interesting than the growth of my web empire (four domains now) is my first web experience which was in spring 1995 on a PC in the library at sixth form college (Hyde Clarendon College).

I can remember going on it for the first time, doing a search, finding a load of boring crap and getting bored, deciding it would never take off. Funnily enough, getting email at uni 18 months later changed that idea, and little did I think then that I’d end up working on websites for a living…