Freeserve Letter Thoughts

Published on 10 December 2003 in , ,

The last thing you want to do when you’re not feeling very well (I came home from work at lunchtime and have spent most of the afternoon and evening in bed) is write letters to a company – it makes you feel worse (although not as bad as the phone call I had with Freeserve. But unfortunatly I am one of those people who simply can’t rest until something is done.

I know this whole process is ultimatly my fault and have admitted that I had assumed Freeserve took payment in advance, not in arrears. I have even apologised.

But it has been made worse for the simple fact that they can’t understand the simple concept that I quite simply don’t want to pay for a service I did not receive. I did recieve 25 days service, and I wanted to pay for that. I did not recieve 30 days service, so I don’t want to pay the extra 5 days. Fair enough?

Because this whole thing would just make me even more stressed and fed up if it continued. So I sent them the money. In the form of 17 cheques.

Why 17 cheques? Because I was buggered if I was going to let them get away with it without being an arkward bastard. All they had to do was accept that they provided 25 days service and that I should only pay for that as they’d physically blocked me from using it any more.

My conversation with some poor sod at Freeserve went along the lines of: "we cancelled your account because you didn’t pay" "yes and I want to pay", "So that’s £14.99", "but I didn’t receive 30 days service because you cancelled the account, so i don’t want to pay for 30 days service I didn’t receieve", "we cancelled your account because you didn’t pay".

Let this be a warning to anyone out there thinking of cancelling their Freeserve account – you pay in arrears not in advance.

I’m still wondering what Freeserve will do with their 14 cheques worth 15p, and two for 20p… Will they cash them given the costs of cashing cheques? Will they send them back and try and get just one cheque (they’ll be lucky)? Will they simply give up as a lost cause. We will see. I can hold my hands up and say – I’ve paid up everything you asked for – as far as I’m concerned, I’ve payed my money and that’s that.

One thing is for sure – Freeserve’s phone staff are appalling. Every single one of them I have spoken to has been hopeless – presumably because they haven’t got the knowledge to handle these things. Seems like a prime example of cattle-market call centres from my phone experience.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to lie down as I’m still feeling crappy. Hopefully I can now relax in peace for a few hours, and hopefully be fit and well for work tomorrow.