More Anatomy of Search Results

Published on 19 December 2003 in , , , ,

Following on from last weeks search results, I continued to be perplexed by the searches that were done over this last week!


Well if there’s one to get my other half paranoid, it’s that! One search for Cazza’s name. Who was it and why? Someone checking up to check we’re still together before sending a christmas card, or something more sinister… <cue evil laughter> Well we may never know.


Funnily enough I was at the dentist this morning – two fillings. My mouth is still numb as I write this. For the record, if someone is really that interested, my dentist is at 81 South Ealing Road, and they do NHS treatment.

‘lager boy’

This confused me until Catherine asked me if I’d blogged about a Wytchwood Brewery advert. I hadn’t, but I had meant to.

I wish I had a scanner, but the advert for Hobgoblin showed a goblin-like person with a pint, and the caption:

"What’s the matter Lagerboy, afraid you might taste something?"

It’s an advert I absolutely love – especially as it sums up my feelings on the mass-market lagers on sale in this country! All cold, no taste. Give me a pint of Hobgoblin anyday!

‘Little Britain’, ‘Little Britain BBC’, ‘Little Britain BBC 7’, ‘Little Britain Radio 4’.

I think someone wanted something about Little Britain. (It’s very good by the way.)

several model names for DTT set top boxes

I regularly get searches for Sagem and Goodmans (GDB2/GDB3) set-top boxes. Despite only having ever done two articles on DTT set-top boxes…

‘london train station table to manchester’,’london train t6ables’,’london train tables’,’london trains’,’manchester to london’,’table to manchester’,’timetable’,”,’

train from london to manchester’,’train station table to manchester’

Train times again? Just go to National Rail for goodness sake!

Perhaps it’s a poor attempt at a windup. Looking at the searches this week so far, we also have ‘time table’ and ‘trains’…

‘picture of sadams statue’

Slightly more interesting, but you’d be better going to my article Fallen Idols at Electromusications.


Final one. Tesco. So I need a view on Tesco I think. Here it is – fine for instore shopping (cheaper than Sainsburys) but hopeless for online shopping. I recommend Ocado myself.

Well that’s it for another anatomy. I do wonder about you people, I really do…