First Class!

Published on 20 December 2003 in , , , , ,

When it comes to long distance travel, I always prefer the train.

True it may be slower than a plane, but there’s no checking in half an hour before you depart, no waiting for your luggage at the other end, and certainly no messing around getting to and from your departure and arrival points – unlike airports, train stations are usually in a reasonable location.

Add to that the fact that you can wonder around, and even use a laptop at your seat (I’m typing this on the train right now) and to my mind it can’t be beat.

There’s something especially nice about sitting in first class. Maybe it’s the big seats and extra legroom, or maybe it’s the fact that you get away from all the annoying, screaming kids.

Much as I’d like to go first class every journey, the prices are quite frankly ridiculous, and as such, the little trips of indulgence are only reserved for weekend travel.

A weekend upgrade on Midland Mainline’s St. Pancras to Manchester train costs a mere £6 per person – and at a price like that, who can argue?

In contrast, Virgin offers a less-than bargain price of £15 – throwing in the free tea and coffee that even Midland Mainline’s standard class customers get. It’s even a quicker journey, thus making the Virgin upgrade even less value.

Of course by sharing these price secrets, I’m probably alerting more people to these nice bargains – but even in this journey, a number of people have already walked out on first class, rather than just pay an extra six quid…

And if only every journey was at weekend too…