The Conclusion of Freeserve?

Published on 11 January 2004 in , ,

Sometimes it’s what people don’t say and what they don’t do which proves to be far more revealing that what they do say and what they do do.

Take Freeserve. Freeserve and I didn’t part on good terms. In fact they annoyed me a lot. A month after sending it, I got a reply to my letter. Very civil. Even the old figleaf of we take all customer complaints very seriously (I’m a cynical git so I’ll believe it when I see it).

As you may recall, I was a bit of a git in my response to paying the debt. For reasons all ready outlined, I sent several cheques. One for £12.49, fourteen for 15p and two for 20p.

In their letter Freeserve say politely:

"We are in receipt of your cheque to pay your outstanding balance."


Interestingly, as of Friday anyway, only one cheque has been cashed – the £12.49 one. There is of course no reference to the amount owed otherer than a simple

"When your account was suspended it had an outstanding balance of £14.99."

Also interesting is that they make no reference to when they suspended access to the account – the account was blocked to me as a user from 2 October 2003, but the letter states only that "your account was cancelled on the 7 October 2003" – which is of course what I’d asked them to do in a previous letter. And of course cancellation is not the same as suspension.

It looks a deliberate legal stalemate. I sent them the demanded payment in full, abliet in a rather arkward form, thus meaning I covered myself against any potential legal action. Freeserve on the other hand have accepted payment to clear the debt of an unconfirmed amount (and of course the 16 other cheques have not been returned because that would be confirmation that I’d got away with it), and have not accepted anything being wrong.

Of course they could still be planning on cashing the remaining sixteen cheques. I’ll be keeping my eye on my bank account with interest.

One delightful bit is the end of the letter showing me how I can return to Freeserve at any time. I’m sure someone will let me know when Hell freezes over.