Keywords Metadata

Published on 24 March 2004 in , , , ,

It’s taken me a long time to realise, but I finally have. The meta keywords tag in HTML is now very pointless.

True, people were saying this eighteen months ago. I’m pretty sure I read that article at the time too.

Time was they were useful for search engines, but given most search engines index the page contents now, and that meta keywords were misused by people to spam search engines, they’ve slowly stopped being useful.

But old habits die hard – I’ve been dutifully entering them since the late 1990s afterall.

Ultimately though it wasn’t the uselessness of the keywords meta tag that stopped me using it, but more the uselessness of what I was actually entering into the tags. For my review of T.J. Duffy’s, I put in "Duffys", "Duffy’s", "T.J. Duffy’s", "Ealing" and "irish pub" – all of which could have been gleaned from the article text. And it was a similar tale for most of my blog pieces.

So I thought – why am I bothering? So I stopped entering them. And this evening, I removed the relevant tags from my templates. No more keywords for me!

So long, and thanks for all the hits. Years ago anyway.

Plus it will make the pages slightly lighter of course! Hey I might even get rid of that Microsoft SmartTags metadata command next…