Rant ‘n’ Rave Subcategories

Published on 30 March 2004 in , , ,

I’ve been looking at the hierarchy for categories in this the site for some time and have been less than impressed with what I see.

Trouble is, it all evolved over time and is now looking a bit messy. For starters there are sections which are clearly sub-sections of others – Pubs comes under Food and Drink, and Web development is clearly a sub-section of the rather bulky Computers & Internet section.

There are some categories that need splitting up, some that need creating and it’s all getting a mess. I can’t even have a neat category list on pages because it either takes up far too much space, or is a rather busy pull-down menu. There seemed no real way to organise it.

And I cursed Movable Type for not allowing subcategories.

Until I found MTSubcategories – a simple plugin that allows the creation of (you guessed it!) subcategories.

And lo I did sigh a sigh of relief. Finally I can sort out the mess…

Okay it’s not the perfect plugin – managing the subcategories that have been created is nigh on impossible, but it does the job.

As such the categories list page (which most people will have never seen) now includes sub-categories.

Now just the rest of the site to sort out! For starters I’d quite like not to have any posts in the main categories at all… Which only means going back and recategorising 231 entries… Not a big job at all… Honest.