Anatomy of Search Results 4

Published on 11 April 2004 in , , ,

One search on BodsCentral from last week had me puzzled. "Hillgate Place". And I had to wonder. Where is Hillgate Place? Maybe my other search results from last week will shed some light…

"london to manchester"? Well that’s a lot of land to cover really. Ah what’s this? "saddam statue"? Ah, maybe you turn left there?

And what’s in Hillgate Place? According to the search results, "Bods". Ah. I’m there. Cool. And what am I doing? Maybe I’m drinking. Hmm. But what? "beer baltika". Ah, fair enough.

Am I doing anything else? Maybe at the computer? "fsmail?" Pah. In Wanadooitcraply’s dreams.

Somet else? "transport tycoon"? Yes. That’s much more like it.