Internal Project Names Unleased To The World

Published on 29 April 2004 in , , , , , ,

Don’t you just love it when internal project names end up on big documents that are released to the public?

Which is why the BBC website is now telling the world that BBCi will…

"ease of transition to digital for analogue Ceefax users through QuickCodes that pinpoint the equivalent information on BBCi"

If you can work your way through the jargon to find out what we’re doing! If you can’t, two words: page numbers.

Funnily enough it’s also my current big project – has been for some time. I don’t normally like talking about work stuff, especially before it has launched. However given the information is in the public domain, let’s just say that I’m working on it, and it ain’t ready yet, and leave it at that.

And yes, I’ve had so many people moaning at me about lack of page numbers being the end of the world, that this is going to be done right…

(Incidentally, study the pdf version of the same document and you might understand why the BBC toolbar changed this week, and a suspicious number of references have been appearing across the BBC website.)