Tube Strikes

Published on 30 June 2004 in , , , ,

You know, I’d actually have some sympathy with the tube strike today if I actually believed in what they were striking for. But when they’re striking after being offered a 6.75% pay rise over two years and the promise to ensure they work a five day week, well all you can think to say is ‘gready f***ers’. No wonder the public support for this strike has been ridiculously low and won’t be helped by Bob ‘I have no regrets about inconveniencing people’ Crow.

But then the RMT’s claims that support was rock solid on this strike look laughable. Personally I’ve never seen so many trains running on a strike day in all the time I’ve lived in London. And yes I do know that only one union was striking, but there have been other strikes I’ve seen with only one union striking and there were always far fewer trains.

As Bob Crow has no regrets about inconveniencing me and millions of others, I have no regrets about calling him and his RMT leadership cronies, a bunch of selfish, greedy, moronic idiots with brains the size of peas. And that’s the polite version.

Should I ever see Bob in the street, I’ll have to remember inconvenience him somehow and see how he likes it.