Headache Inducing

Published on 26 July 2004 in ,

Imagine a project. Let’s call it Project Duck.

Project Duck is a re-working of part of an existing service.

At the same time there is Project Hen. Project Hen is a re-working of the rest of the existing service. Project Hen will decide on how things are done, but will not physically implement its changes. Project Duck will do Project Hen’s implementation work. Project Duck and Project Hen will work together to decide what Project Duck will do.

The part of the service Project Duck is re-working can appear in at least four different ways. Project Duck will only be concerned with two of them.

Project Heron will be concerned with the third, Project Albatros will do the fourth. Both Project Heron and Project Albatros will work with Project Hen to do their projects.

Project Heron and Project Albatros may be ready before Project Heron and Project Duck so may make some provisional changes which Project Duck will have to implemenent into its version of the service, as well as making some further changes that might not be able to go up until Project Hen is done. But they may not, in which case Project Heron and Project Albatros will give their stuff to Project Duck.

Guess who is leading Project Duck.

Today I found out that Project Sparrow might be happening, and if it does, everything will have to be done rather quickly, and may mean that the long-standing Project Robin gets delayed whilst a load of changes that Project Robin has already done, become redundant because it may launch with or after Projects Duck and Heron.

Guess who also leading Project Robin.

Guess who has lots of headaches when he tries to think about it all.

Project names have been changed for the purposes of secrecy. And to make things even harder to understand.