Should that be 179?

Published on 23 September 2004 in , , , , , ,

In the week that Ceefax turns 30, it’s kinda appropriate that on Monday I did something which a couple of people probably did 30 years ago.

I sat in a room with two other people, making up page numbers.

It’s not east. You have

to think future aspirations – if we put X on number Y, will that be okay

when we launch project Z next year? Or what if we add A – would we have

to renumber B to make space? And little things like Ceefax having a joint

Golf and Tennis menu whilst BBCi has separate ones…

Of course Ceefax isn’t perfect, numberwise – Sport is spread over

300-399, 660-698 and 480-489, and before last year, there didn’t seem to

be that much logic to the 500s. But then, how many users actually put

that much thought into the logic of the numbers? Does someone sit at home

thinking “Why are the schedules for BBC7 on page 658, yet all the other

radio stations are in the 640s?” Unlikely.

But it does make you wonder. Why is Cricket on 340 – does that mean its

viewed as less important than Golf And Tennis which gets 330? And then

you think thoughts drift along the lines of…. well maybe it was to the person who decided it should be there!