The Search Life

Published on 15 October 2004 in , ,

Sometimes people search this site for the oddest of things – things which I should have blogged about… but didn’t.

Take one of the searches from last week – ‘Hillary Duff’, a character from the Alan Cumming and Forbes Masson sitcom ‘The High Life’ which I recently purchased on DVD. Yet I’ve never actually blogged to say so. So how did the person searching, know?

It’s not the first time this has happened either. In July there were some searches for ‘The Cock Tavern’ – the Cock being a rather fantastic little pub near Oxford Street – but unblogged by me. And last year, Little Britain got the same psychic treatment.

On the other hand, from the other week, there was ‘big breasts’ and I don’t have any intention of blogging about them… And as for ‘naked photos’…