Young’s Know Who Makes The Better Beer

Published on 6 November 2004 in , , ,

Since 2002 the September Cask Beer Week has been celebrated in London by giant pint glasses running around and causing mayhem – and naturally such shenanigans merits a picture of the said pint pots on the front cover of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) monthly newspaper, What’s Brewing.

This year was no exception as pints from Young’s, McMullen’s and Fullers’ posed for CAMRA’s cameras behind the bar of a handy pub – although a photo of the Young’s pot doing its zip-wire decent of St Paul’s Cathedral should have been there in my opinion!

Three giant pint pots on the bar

And what’s this? It appears the Young’s pint agrees with me! Here it is, ready and waiting to pour itself a pint of Fullers’ ESB!

Zoom in of the Young's pint pot ready about to pull some ESB.

Personally out of the three, I’m a Fullers’s man – they beat Young’s hands down every time – so its good to see the Young’s pint agrees who the masters are!

Having said all that, Apparently pints in Cornwall went surfing. Now that’s a picture I’d like to see!