Off Work Serenity

Published on 21 December 2004 in ,

I suppose I should be doing something useful with my day, but to be frank, I’m not sure I can be bothered. I "broke up" from work on Thursday, spent Friday Christmas shopping and went to the pub on Saturday and Sunday. Monday was Catherine’s birthday, so she had the day off too and we celebrated by going for a walk on Wimbledon Common (it was cold).

Today I’m alone, and I know I should do something. But all I’ve done is read a thread on Digital Spy where several people got extremely excited by the fact that on the DTT version of BBCi, there’s now an empty box on the left column of the Index.

Before they got too excited by this amazing development, someone had pointed out that all that had happened was that Bitesize Interactive has been removed from the Index as its come to the end of its run, and that was that. The fun was over.

So instead, I’m sat here at the computer trying to decide which of my two new pairs of glasses is the comfiest, wondering whether I should pop to Sainsburys to get something interesting for lunch, do a backup on my main PC, re-install Linux on the other, and get round to finishing painting the two shelves that I started about work on about a month ago.

Which is what happens when you have to use up all your leave by the end of December, and you realise that you’ve barely had any time off during 2004… Still, there’s always 2005…