File Under Pointless Reminiscing

Published on 5 January 2005 in ,

Had to use a floppy disk this evening. The reason for that is long winded but involves a RAM upgrade that didn’t work – the new 256Mb RAM module just doesn’t seem to be recognised.

So for the first time in goodness knows how long, I went into Windows 98 on my main PC so that I could find some software to check my BIOS version (as you do), only to find the ethernet driver wasn’t recognised – I’d never actually needed anything networked from that machine so had never fixed it until now. As I now have a broadband router, a connection to the internet would be good I thought.

Which meant finding the disk with the driver on it.

I did assume that it was on CD but running 17 different versions of a Netgear file sharing installation programme didn’t get me very far, until I remembered that the ethernet cards (bought just two years ago) hadn’t just come with a CD – they’d come with a floppy disk.

Which meant routing around in the four boxes of floppy disks which most of the time, do nothing more than fill up space on my shelves, to find the right one.

Well it’s like retro alley isn’t it? And I remember all those times when I had millions of 3.25" disks and my Atari ST and then my first PC…

How times change. Now instead of floppy disks everywhere, I have CD-ROMs and DVDs cluttering up instead… It’s the sign of progress you know.