Just Another Drone

Published on 10 January 2005 in , , , ,

In a few weeks time I will sadly no longer be making the trog to work up to the delightful Bush House. For us in New Media, this delightful location in the heart of London’s west end will just be a distant memory, for we’re moving to the less glamorous White City.

And this morning I got a taste of what the morning commute will be like – I’m in the W12 area for two days on a course – and it depressed me.

It took me a while to completely articulate why it seems to depressing but it boiled down to the fact that now, more than ever, it’s clear that you’re right in the heart of the media set – just another BBC media monkey.

When I get off the tube and walk over Waterloo bridge with hundreds of other people, I could be anyone going anywhere. When I get off the tube at White City with hundreds of other people, I am just another BBC employee.

For White City is BBC land. There’s little else there bar a Unigate diary. It feels like you’re just another drone – the hive being the Central line that’s just emptied out its entire contents at one little station.

In the West End, you quietly sidle into the building and go about your merry way. In White City you march in unison to your destination together.

In the West End you have fantastic buildings and sights – walk over Waterloo Bridge there’s the Gerkin and St. Pauls on one side, Parliament and the London Eye on another. Everyone thinks that Television Centre is some glamorous building – and it is until you actually get there. No, when you get there, you notice that the sights seem to include just a dreary looking estate and an Esso garage.

I’m sure I’ll get used to it. But it won’t be the same. The fantastic building that is Bush House is the best building I’ve ever worked in. It will take a lot to come close.