Tape Playing

Published on 11 February 2005 in ,

I always like to be doing something – no matter what it is. In fact I’m very bad at just slobbing in front of the TV – if there’s nothing on I want to watch, I have to wander off and do something else.

Which is why sitting around the house coughing a lot isn’t much fun for me, hence why I ended up spending half the afternoon sorting out video tapes.

Some of the tapes in my collection are probably getting on for 15 years old, and with the DVD collection expanding all the time, I thought it was about time I sifted through some of the VHS tapes cluttering up the shelves – watch through them to see if there was anything worth saving, and binning the rest.

Hunting through was like a veritable treasure trove, if by treasure trove you mean random extracts of Mr Don and Mr George, The Upper Hand and Michael Moore’s TV Nation. Add to that a random segment of a Granada invision continuity announcer, some BBC Two Christmas 1994 idents and The Queen, and you might get the rest.

Most of the tapes are in the firm ‘bin’ pile – namely my collection of worn out and weary Red Dwarf tapes – the copies of which have been worn to near death since they were lovingly recorded off the TV in 1994. The difference between them and their replacement DVDs are quite outstanding and it makes you wonder how you ever used to watched those fuzzy recordings.

I suppose it’s a little history that will soon be lost. Random trailers for programmes no one ever remembers, and adverts for products no one ever bought. And with that, questions. Questions without answers, like… just why did I tape so many copies of Mr Bean and keep them for twelve years?