Note to self…

Published on 14 February 2005 in ,

Always remember that trying to contact verbally with someone on the phone is pretty futile when you have lost your voice and can’t particularly make yourself be understood very well even when someone is stood right in front of you, yet alone at the other end of a crackly phone line.

Thank goodness for email I say.

Despite my voice disappearing, I have perked up now and will probably make that trek to work tomorrow morning. My heavy, highly annoying bronchial cough has been replaced by a much less frequent tickly cough, and I actually have the mental capacity to think about things today which is more than I’ve had for the last few days where even slumping on the sofa and watching TV has been a rather hard thing to achieve.

Hopefully next weekend I’ll actually be able to do something other than just lie in bed, fed up and annoyed.

And if I manage to make it in tomorrow, at least my seven day travelcard will get some use. I’ll just have to make the most of it for the two remaining days left on it.