Views and Windows

Published on 20 March 2005 in , ,

This is amazingly of the moment of me. Cos on Friday (it’s now Sunday…) I went to the other side of the Broadcast Centre. I can hear your gasps of utter amazement now.

I went down to the fourth floor to have the old weekly line management chat, and well the view from their windows – superb.

Okay, it’s a view that includes the A40, Wormwood Scrubs, housing, grass and hospitals, but when you see it, looking down slightly from above, it all seems to work. Not quite as impressive as the view from the ninth floor of Bush House, overlooking the Thames, but great all the same. It’s also helped by the fact that there’s no terrace around the fourth floor so you stand at the window and get a great visual impact.

Sadly on my side of the building, the view I get is of the Media Centre next door, and I’m in the middle of the room, not even near the window…

Still, we do have a terrace on the firth floor and found out the other day, that if you take a walk on it in the blazing sunshine, lots of people stare out of their windows from the Media Centre, and look at you as if you’re mad!