Billboards, Colliers Wood and

Published on 21 March 2005 in , , ,

So here I was, wondering whether to fax my MP about the fact that not only is Colliers Wood blighted with a huge number of billboards (I walk past at least thirteen in a ten minute walk to the tube station) but some muppet has given the go ahead by the looks of it, for another two.

So I go to the site, and lo, there’s a beta for the successor site, and I can write to my councillor instead.

So I did. I politely wrote to Mary Dunn to ask her what her view is on the mess, and the view of her party. I await to see if there’s a response…

I have to confess to not being overly involved with the political process in the area but the new site lets me get in tough with councillors, MEPs and London Assembly members as easily as I could my MP. And that’s good in my book.

Whether it will make any difference to my particular cause, I don’t know. Although I do wonder how allowing someone to plonk two more giant billboards near the tube station is going to help Merton Council supposed aim to regenerate Colliers Wood… We can but try… We can but try.