Bye Bye Billboards

Published on 20 April 2005 in , , ,

Just under a month ago, I mentioned the erection of two large, metal billboards on a small patch of grass right outside Colliers Wood tube station, next to the Brown and Root Tower.

I didn’t mention much about them only that the area is blighted by these evil things already.

Not particularly content I used to send a message about the billboards to one of my councillors about the eye sore.

Sadly I never got a response from the councillor I chose, although Catherine did from Edith MacAuley – another of our councillors.

It transpired that the billboards had been erected without planning permission and according to the South London Press, the London Borough of Merton had threatened to remove them themselves if the billboards were not removed by the people erecting them.

Yesterday I noted that every last trace of them had been removed. Not one advert had been shown on them.

I can’t name and shame the company involved because I don’t know it – it was never displayed under the ad. But then maybe they’d been told by the land owners that planning permission had been gained already. Who knows. But when it came to who blinked first, they clearly did.

There’s still far too many billboards in Colliers Wood. But at least there are two fewer than there could have been.