Alliance and Leicester – so incompetant you can’t even open an account with them

Published on 27 April 2005 in , ,

So the debit card has been cut, and the cheque book shredded. And that was before my current account transfer had been even completed to them.

Yes folks, Alliance and Leicester can’t even manage to do a current account transfer properly. The straw the broke the camels back came this evening when I came home to a letter politely asking why I had not sent back details of my direct debits and standing orders.

In fact I had sent them back – I sent them back three weeks ago.

One letter going astray in the post I could have accepted. But this is in fact the second response I have supposedly failed to send back. And on both occasions I did.

Now either my local post box is notorious for losing mail, or the Alliance and Leicester as so incompetent, they can’t even open envelopes addressed to them. Funnily enough nothing else that I’ve posted has gone missing recently, so the fact that two of my letters to one organisation have gone AWOL suggests the problem isn’t with the Royal Mail.

So literally minutes after opening the letter, the debit card was cut in half and the cheque book shredded. Which means I will phone them tomorrow and ensure that I’m not a push over. I won’t be accepting any attempts to send details of my direct debits another time. I certainly won’t be progressing with my application any further. In fact I’m sorely tempted to remove one of my savings accounts from them whilst I’m at it.

Too often we accept incompetence from people who are supposedly offering us a service. Well why should we?

Incompetence must never be rewarded – and there’s no way on earth the Alliance and Leicester’s sheer, complete and utter incompetence, will be reward by my business.