A Half Sense Of Closure

Published on 18 May 2005 in , , , ,

I do dislike things that drag on, especially at work. I like projects where, when they’re complete, we put them live as soon as possible – get them out of the door, ready for the punters to use.

What I don’t like is when things linger on forever, sat in the void between stopping work on them, and then sitting on the shelf forever cos, for one reason or other, we just can’t launch them.

Today I got a sense of closure. Almost. A project we all stopped working on nearly two months ago, finally went up. Well almost.

Yes, today half of NTL got the rebranded bridge. If you’re lucky enough to be on the NTL Langley network you will now get our new look BBCi bridge when you press red on BBC One and BBC Two.

Alas, it is only half closure, and the rebrand on the other side of NTL (on their Bromley network) won’t be for some time. There’s a problem with the set top box software that means that the BBCi code (which happily runs on Telewest and NTL Langley) breaks. Joy. I guess that sense of closure will just have to wait.