To Toric or Not To Toric

Published on 1 June 2005 in ,

It’s now June and I haven’t taken one hayfever tablet this year so far. Given my nose is normally running like mad by the end of March, this is a strange occurrence.

On the other hand, my contact lenses are driving me round the bend.

After visiting the opticians the other day, I was given a new toric lens to try and counter the affects of a minor astigmatism in my eye. If none of that makes any sense to you, don’t worry. I’m not quite sure it does to me either.

What I do know is that it’s hugely uncomfortable and the problems I’ve been having with eye strain recently have just got ten times worse. I’m not convinced the new flatscreen monitor at work is helping either – I just can’t get the confounded thing in a comfortable position, and thanks to the fixed screen resolution of such delightful things, it’s set to a res that’s higher than I prefer to use – which is one reason why I despise LCD monitors. Give me a nice, clean CRT any day.

But even without the monitor, things aren’t great. Even sat in the pub I had a mild throb in my head that was doing my nut in. In the whole of 12 odd years wearing contacts, I don’t think I’ve had such a problem as that bloomin’ lens. So bad is it that I’m going back to the original one tomorrow…

It’s just all so frustrating. I just long for those days when, all those years ago, I could wake up in the morning, and see instantly. All eight of them in my life. But what can you do? Besides laser treatment, and I’m sorry, but that’s an idea that just gives me the willies.