Oh To See! To See!

Published on 7 June 2005 in ,

Bar a brief dalliance with them on Saturday when I had a trip to the opticians, I’ve not worn my contact lenses for almost a week, whilst I wait for another type of lens to appear, for me to try.

The new one I got the other week was pretty awful – a good lens just sits on the eye and most of the time you don’t even notice it’s there. This new torric one was like some constant reminder, always making its presence known… Screaming at you "You have something in your eye!" All the things a good lens should not do. Hopefully the next one will be better. Oh and did I mention the eye strain got worse?

Until the new one appears, I’m on my glasses all day, every day – much to the confusion of some of my colleagues, most of whom have never seen be bespectacled.

And my eyes are slowly getting used to them not being there again – for the first few days they felt really weird, like they weren’t open enough. Quite why this should be so noticable I don’t know – especially as don’t wear my lenses a lot at weekends. Perhaps it was down to the rather brutal alarm clock awakening that happens during the week, as opposed to the gentler method of arising that happens on a Saturday and Sunday.

But one thing that has to be said, if it came down to it, I’d rather not have to wear glasses or lenses. I’ve been wearing the confounded things since I was about seven or eight, and my prescription is pretty strong so and I’ve long forgotten what it feels like to wake up in the morning and instantly see.

Well I say that cos that’s not quite true. Whilst at university, I woke up one morning and could see. Wow I thought – still 90% asleep – I can see. That’s good, I thought as I stumbled around the house.

Only half way through breakfast did my brain actually register just why I suddenly had perfect 20/20 vision.

I’d forgotten to take my contact lenses out the night before and had slept with them in the whole night…