Published on 16 June 2005 in , ,

There was a time when I used to rifle through my Windows looking for redundant .ini files, or unnecessary log files. Anything to give my hard drive some more space. And I’d diligently defrag it once a month to get that performance boost.

Well times change, and this evening my idea of cleaning up the hard drive on Muffin (my Windows XP laptop) was to move 1.3Gb of MP2 files onto Binky (my Linux desktop machine). Muffin has been running a little slow recently. Well a lot slow. That said, I’ve had the thing three years and never re-installed Windows XP so perhaps that’s something to think about.

And then I thought… defrag. 35% fragmentation Apparently…

Of course it will make the world of difference when it’s done – three hours later. Oh it will. The PC won’t just be exactly what it was like before at all, will it? Oh no….

There’s nothing like clutching at straws is there?