London, Today

Published on 7 July 2005 in ,

This first thing on my mind this morning was composing a huge rant about the horrible journey to work I’d had – the south London rail and tube networks being in chaos due to fires, broken down trains and signal failures. Then I got to work and turned on the TV after Jacko phoned to tell me his nightmare journey to work.

It was just after nine that I turned it on. And as things developed, it transpired this would not be a normal day.

It was particularly wrenching following the Olympic decision yesterday. Whilst I am not a sport fan, the sense of joy and jubilation in the air was wonderful. And then today.

But if there’s a nation that will be able get through this, it’s this one. That’s not arrogance, it’s not an lie, it’s not to say that other nations couldn’t. But as nation, we’ve been through this before, and we’ll get through it again.

It will hurt – it does hurt – but if there is one thing we will do, it’s show them that we will not hide, we will not cower, we will not fear.

London did it as the Germans bombed in the blitz. London did it as various Irish groups tried to do their worst. And London will do it now.